Thursday, May 25, 2006

Exhibition in Rome

Indie comics and contemporary times
Ribichini, Reviati, Misesti

Maurizio Ribichini, Davide Reviati and Stefano
Misesti are on display as typically representative
of today’s Italian Indie Comics scene. A
scene that has come to confront itself with
contemporary times in their most intimate and
social (if not overtly political) implications;
while equally claiming a full graphic, thematic
and expressive freedom.
Three very different creators, acting out different
storytelling strategies, they share an
approach to modern, contemporary times
stressing how much they can be “Humane and
Exhibiting this kind of creators means to recognize
how valuable the comics medium can be
as an art form. A language with its own rules
and codes, more than a minor “genre” for
entertaiment purposes only.

Exhibition curator: Emiliano Rabuiti
for Centro Fumetto Andrea Pazienza

Opening day: 6 JUN 2006 - 6.00 PM - Sala S.Rita - Rome (Italy)

VARIE UMANITA' - La contemporaneità del fumetto indipendente.
Inaugurazione martedì 6 giugno - ore 18.00 - Sala S.Rita - Roma
Disegni di Ribichini, Reviati e Misesti.
(Ci saranno molte delle mie ultime produzioni).

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