Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Il 20 marzo è uscito il nuovo album della band milanese HOLLOW BONE. Per questo progetto ho realizzato il logo.

HOLLOW BONE sulla piattaforma Bandcamp (con anteprima dei brani): QUA

Hollow Bone is an Italian band from Milan that was born in January 2016 from the inspiration and an idea of Carlo Garof, drummer-percussionist and songwriter.
Giona Vinti sound designer and Claudio Giuntini on guitars enriched the sound magma.

Hollow Bone music is a hybrid of electronics, avant-rock and experimentation, characterized by hypnotic, droning and downtempo structures.
The band takes its name inspired by the concept of "empty bone" by Frank Fools Crow, medicine man Lakota Sioux Teton.

Carlo Garof: drums, percussion, electronics, sinori
Claudio Giuntini: guitar
Giona Vinti: modular-synth, electronics

all compositions by Hollow Bone
produced by Carlo Garof
recorded, mixed & mastered by Bruno Germano at Vacuum Studio
Bologna, October 2018

artwork by Maxdesignlab
The HOLLOW BONE logo: created by Stefano Misesti

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