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Visions of Taiwan brought new voices to explore Taiwan, and now returns with a second issue featuring original works by artists from all over the world. Eight short stories in total, each with their own unique styles experimenting with the medium of comics in order to share something different about life in this strange land.

“Chariot” by Jon Renzella features the point-of-view of a scooter, “Moving to Taiwan” by Roelien Immelman is about the annoying challenges of working abroad, “Ludwig” by Stefano Misesti focuses on the musical charms of local garbage trucks, “A Slug’s View” by Bronwen Shelwell explores camping and nature with cute bugs as narrators, “People-watching on the Train” by Ray Hecht is a meditation on the strangers we pass by while commuting, “The Taiwanese Farm Adventure” by Fabienne Good is a surreal take on traveling blind, “A Dream Called Taiwan” has a heartfelt focus on friendship, while “Moonshot” by Kim Glidden and Andrew Quartermain has a touch of the supernatural.

There’s only one place on Earth that could have inspired these all these visions . . .

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