Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Un'altra vecchia storia pubblicata su Liberaria nel 1998.

1- Since long long time ago in a village called Ardate Inferiore it’s not allowed to watch the clocks in public, …because of some religious reasons.
It is also indecorous to speak about time.
2- “Look at that man!!! Disgusting!!! You ought to be ashamed of your action!!!!
3- In the common areas and into every house there are some rooms where you can watch the time without shame.
“ Sorry, I must go to know what time is it...urgently”
“No problem”
(on the doors: digital – analogic)
4- A new kind of cloth hides the wrist-watches.
“My coverwatch has a beautiful zip”
5- People say that into many VIP's houses there are some unconventional parties.
“What time is it?”
“Look!! It’s 11.23 PM”
“Go on … go on…”
“It’s 11.23 PM”
6- 161. Hot Line
“It’s 10.30 PM”
7- During the holidays some people use to send their friends spicy postcards.
"Greetings from Florence”.


Anonymous said...

Caspio che bella!!
Me la ricordo pure!!
Una raffica di giochi di parole eccezionale!!
Che buon giorno!!


[emo] said...

è la seconda volta che arrivo secondo.
non accadrà più.
io - come diceva Bartali - voglio arrivare uno!

Anonymous said...

Ste, questa è intramontabile!
sempre una delle mie preferite.

saluti da Milano


Stefano Misesti said...

E'anche una delle mie storie preferite.Avevo fatto anche una breve animazione in flash con l'aiuto di Matthieu Mendola.