Wednesday, June 14, 2006

GESTICOLATO (pages 3-4)

Page 3
1- I tried to recover him because I promised his father to protect him.
“My sensitive arm is embedded”
2- “I remind you that I am claustrophobic. Take me out from here!!!”
The hobby of my arm is to be seized by panic
3- In the past my arm was entrapped into a blocked elevator for many hours.
4- Since that day I cannot wear any gloove.
“Ah… the darkness … I feel bad…”
5- “Take me out from here!!!”

Page 4
1- “I take the opportunity to show you my last short movie”
2- It is about an old man that went back to the village where he lived during his youth.
4- “When I was young accidentally I made an intelligent speech, it was the first time in my life.”
5- “Then I left my village because I was afraid to spoil those great words”
6- “It was long time ago... Now I am going back and I am sure that they still remember me and my intelligent speech.”

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