Friday, April 28, 2006

SOGNO (the dream)

A well-known director (his hobby is to be a superhero) has just finished to shoot his last movie.
- "The wine glass in your hand is my friend."
- "Oh, I thought It was only an acquaintance."
- "STOP!"
The full-length movie is about a heartrending story of a pillow that wanted to become
a contemporary writer.
So one day It begun to write two novels contemporaneously.
Unfortunately only one of these became a bestseller.
The poor novel killed the other one because it was full of envy.
The movie hasn't met the favour of the critics and public.
- " I think the choice to cast that famous actor the part of the pillow was not good."
- "Right! I can't identify myself with the protagonist."

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Paolo Rui said...

Mi è venuto da ridere unanimemente, chissà se va bene.